Reasons Why I Love Craig David

So most of you young tweenie-boppers might only know of the mighty god that is Craig David through this excuse of a creation:

As a true Craig David fan, I am not impressed with this.

Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. He brings back “dat garage sound” that I’ve been listening to since I was four, and the fast-paced electronic drum beat and the way he manipulates his voice (I’ve forgotten how to use music terminology), which by the way IS SMOOTH AS SILK AS USUAL.

Just like a fine wine, he got much better (extremely attractive) with age. Like, that face. How do you turn away from that face?! I think it’s the beard. His old facial hair was pretty crap to be honest, but now OMG.

Honestly though, how did my parents play his music in the car when I was four? Why are you teaching your child about sneaking around behind your parents back and having sex with the girl next door, and hooking up with a girl you met in one afternoon for seven days straight? Why mother why.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate it now 😉

(Shoutout to my uncle for introducing these fab tunes to my parents. Dad, we know you listened to this CD over and over again so that you could be a cool kid. Thanks for being a cool kid.)

Okay, let me fill you in.  Craig David’s music is like wow. His wordplay is beyond amazing, and although at first it sounds very Year 2000 R’n’B, I promise you it’s honestly what you need right now. Like honestly, why does Tinder excite you? PUT ON SOME CRAIG DAVID. With quick-spitting relatable lyrics, catchy timeless choruses and, yes, THAT TYPICAL YEAR 2000 INSTRUMENTAL BACKING, you’ll have “Fill Me In” on replay. And if you don’t, then I will. I’ll listen to it enough for the both of us.

I promise you, in the next 7 Days   I’ll convert myself back into a Craig David fanatic. In this song, he’s basically telling a story without being cheesy. Like literally, if you write the lyrics out, he’s telling a story. And the fingerpicking at the beginning makes me want to pick up my guitar. I have some pretty terrible memories associated with my guitar, so if a song makes me want to pick up my guitar, I can assure you that it’s damn good.

Now, don’t you walk away from me (BEAR WITH ME). I’ll also pick up my guitar for this. Yup, it’s cheesy and kinda reminds you of Bono’s music, but it’s helped me get through every tough time I’ve been through. No matter what I’m going through, I’ll listen to this song on repeat, sometimes for a week, and it helps. I’m not about to apologise for how direct and honest this song is, or that he rhymes the word “lies” with “lie”, because this song is basically the song my heart beats to. You might love Beyonce, and you could be in love with Rihanna, or Ciara, or Drake, or Kanye West, but for me the true throne should be under Craig David’s butt.

The main reason I got back into this wonderful specimen’s music is through Justin Bieber. For some odd reason, Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ reminded me of Walking Away. It was probably the guitar plucking and the way JB’s voice sounds in the pre-chorus hook.


So naturally, I went a little crazy over Craig’s (yes we’re on first-name basis now) cover of ‘Love Yourself’. AND HE RAPS. WHY COULDN’T HE RAP HIMSELF IN HIS NEW SONG. AND HE TRANSITIONS FROM RAPPING INTO THAT BEAUTIFUL VOICE. I’M LEGIT FANGIRLING

In a recent radio segment, an RJ said that “there was UK music pre-Craig David, and music post-Craig David.” He’s not only influenced the UK scene but clearly also artists around the world, and the fact that he’s back up again shows that his refreshing old-school style is what we need in music right now. Okay fine, you might need some rapping and repetitive music production to digest it, but maybe one day you’ll filter that out and listen to this godly voice. Maybe, just maybe.

If you want the Craig David I love, check out his first album – Born To Do It. And if you’d rather not listen it’s fine, I’ll listen on your behalf 🙂


Lots of love,

Gid 🙂


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