Coffee Architects

When I first moved from the food paradise that is Hong Kong to the middle of nowhere for university, I knew I’d be missing out on good food. After a week I got sick of campus food and there was only so much I could cook at the time (my skills were limited to stir-fry broccoli and scrambled eggs).

Luckily I discovered the existence of the U1, a somewhat unreliable bus that would wind down roads through fields dotted with sheep to a small yet gorgeous town: Leamington Spa.

It seems ironic that I found so much novelty in Leamington at the time, considering I live here now. Despite our complaints about the terrible U1, being cooped up when the sun is out during exams and the dodgy shadows of South Leam, I don’t think I’d be happier studying anywhere else. There is so much food everywhere. Each day I find new little gems, whether it be a new type of quiche, an aromatic coffee, authentic Hong Kong-style noodles or a perfect eggs Benedict.

And the latter is exactly what I found at Coffee Architects.

Photo Credits: itsagidlife

I personally feel that the best judge of any breakfast/tea outlet is its eggs Benedict. If the egg is cooked perfectly and if the Hollandaise sauce is divine, then it’s only fair to go back to that place multiple times.


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