Lol hi blog. how you doin’

It’s been around four months since I posted something on here. It’s shocking and quite frankly ridiculous that I haven’t come up with anything to write.

Actually, I tell I lie. I have. But then as soon as a wonderful idea comes to me it goes away, because I forget about it while clouding my brain with BuzzFeed Tasty videos. Go figure.

So I’ve recently decided to use a journal that my best friend gave me a year ago, great timing as usual. It’s called “Thoughts and Doodles of an Undiscovered Genius”; she found it in a bookshop and also got a photo of us developed, the old fashioned way, and gifted it to me. It reminds me of the power of the written word and of tangible, printed photographs. My plan is to carry this notebook with me wherever I go and note down ideas.

In general, I’ve also been behind on writing all sorts of things. I haven’t written for The Market Mogul since the Panama Papers leak, and I’ve barely written for Young Post. I pitched them a ton of ideas over summer, most of which were approved, and I’m also meant to write pieces for the regular columns.

Because of my confusion on my career, writing has taken a back seat to job applications and degree work. Initially I thought keeping an open mind and applying to different places would be a good thing, but now that it’s interfering with writing, I’m starting to second-guess my so-called “grand plan”.

I’m hoping that by using my new journal, and hopefully by managing my time better from this week onwards, I’ll be able to post more often. I’ve written a lot of ideas down in my year-old notebook which I haven’t opened until now, but better late than never (most of the time)!

That being said, I won’t post content for the sake of posting. Naturally there are a lot of recent developments around the world (hello Trump) that are necessary for me to comment on, but I promise it will all come in good time.

Also can we make allowances for the fact that I’m a final year student, and I’m trying to balance everything? 🙂



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