Zen Thoughts at Big Sur

Warwick Travel Society

This post was written by our Media Editor, Sonali Gidwani. You can check out the original post here.

The featured image is that of Big Sur, one of the most beautiful coastal cliffs in the world. Big Sur, along with the various spectacular sights along the Californian Coast’s Pacific Highway completely changed my perception of the United States. It reminded me that this wasn’t white man’s land, but belonged exclusively to it’s indigenous people and to nature. The towering redwood trees, clear blue waves crashing against treacherous rocks and omnipresent, unrelenting sunshine offered an escape from the capitalist image that impressions of America so readily subscribe to.

Of course, I didn’t think about all of this while on my road trip. I was only fifteen at the time and could barely formulate responses to the world around me beyond anything written for my GCSE English coursework.

We drove from LA…

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