2016- a retrospective on sexual consent

Placid Renascence


now isn’t that an intimidating title?

When I was younger, having a little mystery in the title always seemed like a better way to make these posts more appealing- the invitation of the unknown, to come find what I’m trying to unpack and explain to you as you read on.

This is one of those rare posts where I really just want to get to the heart of the matter as soon as possible. Sexual consent is a concept I really have never been educated on. Not in a classroom, not with an adult, not in a workshop, or through an institution.

I’ve seen click bait Buzzfeed posts about it, Tab articles about it, HuffPost women excerpts mentioning the need to be aware of it- but everyone out on the internet seems to place vital importance on emphasizing just how crucial it is while simultaneously skirting around just WHAT…

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